My first job was selling Avon door to door at age 13. I was extremely timid and shy, I still managed to do pretty well considering. We can call it early age hustle. I can remember sitting at the kitchen table and getting excited trying to match sample swabs to my buyers style. 

Fast forward 20 years and it brings me to happily wrapped in the cosmetic tattoo world, crazy for every moment of it. I have always stayed one foot involved in the beauty industry, coming to a place of true passion within it is unmeasurable. 

I love what I do. I love people and helping my clients to gain confidence in the beauty they already hold. I love continuously expanding my skill, knowledge and my education so I can groom others in a growing arena. I love art. The beauty industry, fashion and tattoo have been some of the most influencial forms of art in my life. The fact that I am able to pull those passions together and to use them as my career, as a tool to express myself, and to positively impact others never stops to motivate me. 

I look forward to all of the beautiful faces I get to meet!

xx  - Sarah

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist - San Diego, Ca



Sarah Lemke Cosmetic Tattoo offers a range of permanent cosmetic procedures. When you book at my studio, you get me as your artist from beginning to end. I specialize in microblading, powder fill brows, full brow reconstruction, lip tints (lip tattoo..natural, pouty and filled out) and soon to introduce scalp reconstruction for the gentleman. 

I have hours of training, education, shadowing other artist and never ending practice and technique. I use top quality machines, products, tools and my studio is sterile. 

I am know for natural eyebrows tattoos and lip enhancements, adding to the beauty my client comes in with. With microblading (or any procedure), it is not a one size fits all. Every stroke is tailored to each client. I follow my clients hair pattern, adding fluff and structure. With a full range knowledge of color theory, my clients leave with perfect color brows, reflecting their skin and undertones and hair color. The tattoo with face natural, no blue, pink or discolored brows.