Eyebrows $600

Wheather it be microblading, powder-fill brows or any other form of permanent makeup, they are not supposed to be recognizable as a tattoo. You never want to hear "wow nice eyebrow tattoo." What you should want as a client is to plain and simply have perfect eyebrows where the work done is undetectable. Microblading is a manual technique used in cosmetic tattooing. Hypoallergenic pigment is implanted beneath the surface of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles. I mimic your natural hair patterns by creating tiny, fine and crisp hair strokes in the skin. For added density, I use a shading technique with a digital tattoo machine that leaves a powder and fade affect if desired. Your end result will always be natural, symmetrical and compliment your facial structure.  

*6-8 week touch up session included



Skin that has previously been tattooed:

Skin that has previously been tattooed will require a consultation prior to any procedure. Prices vary depending on correction needed, if even possible. Old tattoos that have turned blue, pink, or grey most likely will need to be removed with a laser before I can work on your skin. Same goes for old tattoos that are dark or blocked out.