List of Services

Eyebrows / $600 - Microblading is a manual technique used in cosmetic tattooing that mimics your natural hair patterns by creating tiny, fine and crisp hair strokes in the skin. For added density, I use a shading technique that leaves a powder and fade affect if desired. Your end result will always be natural, symmetrical and compliment your facial structure.

Lip Tint / $550 - a lip tattoo equals flushed, fuller and contoured lips. It is common to loose or to have a lack of pigmentation in the lip area, especially around the vermilion border - this gives the illusion that your lips are smaller than what they actually are. Implanting pigment back into those areas creates fullness in the lip. The end result is achieved by making corrections to symmetry and shape, adding the appearance of a fuller lip and creating contour without a defined harsh line.

Lash Enhancement / $450 (permanent eyeliner) A fluid, saturated and dark velvet like line is tattooed into the lash-line.  

Scalp Micro-pigmentation - requires consultation and pricing varies. This one is for the gentleman as well. Area of focus include the hairline, thinning patches and scar camouflage.

Areola Reconstruction - a nipple tattoo allows 3D color reconstruction to an existing areola or the creation of a complete new one after a breast reconstruction. Consultation required and pricing varies. If you underwent a mastectomy, fees will be based on a sliding scale. 


* Skin that has previously been tattooed will require a consultation prior to any procedure. Prices vary depending on correction needed, if possible. Old tattoos that have turned blue, pink, or grey most likely will need to be removed with a laser before I can work on your skin.